Operation Conversation

Date of Event: May 5 2018 –

10:00am to 2:00pm

OPERATION CONVERSATION is a sports challenge from the community to local law enforcement officers.  It is designed to foster positive interactions between the police and inner-city youth. The event is sponsored by a coalition that includes the Law Office of Julianne Holt, Public Defender; First Baptist Church College Hill; Safe & Sound Hillsborough and Tampa Parks and Recreation. The event will feature dodgeball games and a basketball tournament, both of which will allow our targeted youth (middle and high school students) to interact with local law enforcement officers, in a friendly atmosphere, to foster mutual respect and understanding by encouraging communication and teamwork.

The event will also include discussions on topics such as: consequences of a criminal record, gun violence, and social media. We also have a “For Girls Only” session which will include topics such as etiquette, domestic violence and self-defense.

To register for event, please contact Antina Mobley at MobleyA@pd13.state.fl.us 

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