TPD/ Idlewild Baptist Church “Give One Day”

Date of Event: Feb 24 2018 –

8:00am to 11:00am

The Tampa Police Department and The Idlewild Baptist Church Volunteer Ministry along with Good Samaritan Closet will participate in the “Give One Day” Event.  Tampa Police will provide crime prevention and Bicycle Safety information,  Idlewild Bapist Church volunteers will offer hair cuts by Mystic Hair and The Good Samaritan Closet will be distributing clothng. 

All services are provided “Free of Charge” to the public receiving breakfast Saturday morning at Trinity Cafe.




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Strengthening Relationships with Law Enforcement

Date of Event: Feb 23 2018 –

10:00am to 12:00pm

Tampa Police officers will participate in the Bridging the G.A.A.P. (Gaining Appreciation by Adjusting Perspectives) initiative hosted by the Department of Juvenile Justice.  This discussion-style event will provide officers and teenage girls who are enrolled in a diversion program an opportunity to talk openly, and develop a better understanding of each others’ roles in the community.   

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Date of Event: Feb 22 2018 –

9:00am to 12:00pm

The Tampa Police Department Special Operation Teams will participate at the Keiser University Criminal Justice Day by set up static displays  and speak and interact with approximately 200 County wide HIgh School students along with student currently enrolled at Keiser University about Law Enforcement. 

Special Op Teams attending will include: Hostage Negotiation Team, Motor Unit, and Marine/Dive Unit Officers.


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Are Good Times Going To Your Head (And Wallet?)

Economists say some people may be letting good times in the stock market go to their head, and their wallet.

U.S. savings rates have recently dropped to a 12-year low, as Americans make record withdrawals from their investment and 401(k) accounts.

Where is the money going? It’s being used to pay for everything from kitchen renovations to exotic vacations.

It’s good to give yourself a little reward when things are going well, but try not to overdo it.

“It is natural for people to spend a bit of their rising lifetime savings when asset values are increasing. Economists call that a “wealth effect,” writes Harriet Torry for The Wall Street Journal.

Recent tax cuts and a strong job market are also behind the nationwide spending spree.

At the same time, overdoing the spending can undermine your long-term financial welfare and put you in danger when good times come to an end.

The savings rate hasn’t dropped this low since 2005, just before the housing crash, “when many Americans were drawing on rising equity in their homes to spend on vacations, new cars, appliances and more,” notes Torry. That’s got more than a few people nervous (including me, some days!).

The Takeaway: You’ll stay on track if you meet your annual savings targets (for most people, that means continuing to save 10 to 20% of income each year) and don’t exceed the 4% portfolio withdrawal rate used by financial planners as a convenient rule of thumb.

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